ArmiVET® Topical Wound Care

A Soothing Skin Treatment for Cuts, Scrapes, Surgical Wounds, Hot Spots & Rashes

Wound healing is a complicated series of events that refers to the body’s replacement of damaged tissue with living tissue. Producing living tissue at the site of injury helps protect the body. Proper wound care prevents infection, starts the production of living tissue, and speeds up the healing process.

ArmiVET® ArmiVet Topical Wound Care utilizes ingredients proven in clinical studies to assist with the process of wound healing.

Use ArmiVET® Topical Wound Care with confidence knowing it has been clinically proven to be effective, contains no harmful ingredients so it won't sting or irritate your pet's wound, and it promotes healing.

Directions for Use

ArmiVET® Topical Wound Care has a soothing proprietary blend of clinical grade ingredients optimized for all animal health. Our ingredients include Acetic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, Proprietary Agent and Purified Water.

ArmiVET® Topical Wound Care calms irritated and inflamed skin from common licking and chewing caused by cuts and scrapes, bites, infected hair follicles or allergic reactions

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MOISTURE: Why it's important in healing

A moist environment has been proven to facilitate the healing process of the wound by preventing dehydration and enhancing angiogenesis and collagen synthesis together with increased breakdown of dead tissue and fibrin. This improves the aesthetics of the wound, while decreasing pain.

Moisture also lowers the risk of infection and minimizes the need for antibiotics. Moisture facilitates angiogenesis (development of new blood vessels), stimulates collagen synthesis and increases the rate of cellular migration.

In other words, moisture is NEEDED to assist with the healing process of wound treatment.

ArmiVET® Topical Wound Care is an effective animal wound care spray solution used specifically for debriding and moisturizing cuts and wounds inhibiting inflammation which helps promote tissue regeneration.

ArmiVET® Topical Wound Care Uses

* Dog first aid, wound care and skin itch relief

* Cat first aid, wound care and skin itch relief

* Equine wound care & skin irritation

* Avian/bird wound care


* Skin * Paws/Hooves * Ears

* Nose * Fur/Hair


* Cuts & Scrapes * Hot Spots

* Scratches * Infected Hair Follicles

* Allergic Reactions * Irritated Skin

* Itchy Skin * Pre- and Post-Surgery

* Emergency Care * Palliative Care

For animal use only

ArmiVET® Topical Wound Care Size Options

A Soothing Skin Treatment for Cuts, Surgical Wounds, Hot Spots & Rashes